RTT Therapy For Rapid CHANGE!

Rapid results… typically in just 1-3 Sessions!

Most importantly, it’s about taking control of your thoughts… thinking differently than you’ve been trained to… and different than every other person around you.
Why is that so important? ?

Because how you think not only determines how you live every day… it determines how you live your entire life. .

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Ingeborg knew better than anyone else how to interpret the challenges in my daily life during our intake. Her calm and pleasant personality gave me all the space to bring up what was relevant at that moment and needed attention. After this first introduction, I immediately had tools to apply a number of things in my daily life.

The RTT session following the intake was special! During the session, various beliefs from the past surfaced that I was allowed to let go of. Already during the session I felt the energy flowing, as if a number of blockages had been removed. Afterwards I felt completely relaxed, as if a burden had been lifted from me. I was able to maintain that relaxed feeling in the weeks that followed, I was able to stay in my own energy, no matter what circumstances came my way.

Ingeborg’s professional and honest guidance has led to this result. She is attentive, empathetic and very knowledgeable. I can heartily recommend her!